Beyond the Claw

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Resiliency Project

When Resiliency Project founder, Troy Willis, introduced IASTM and EMS to the CrossFit community, the results sent shock-waves through the pits. Catching the attention of many of the industry greats, nearly every serious athlete has since adopted these practices. 

What began as a passion to be of service to others has grown into a company that stands for that same purpose.

By designing simple, affordable tools, we can empower more people than ever with the method and the means required self mobilization and recovery

Our first tool, the LeopardClaw, is made using the finest medical grade stainless steel. This sleek tool performs multiple functions of the technique known as "Gua Sha", commonly known as IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization). This technique dates back more than 1500 years and  was used by ordinary people to increase blood flow and promote healing.

After years of refinement and innovation, we are proud to now bring MyoPux to the market. MyoPux is the most portable and affordable Electronic Muscle Stimulation available. We've honed the very best programs and intuitive technology to offer superior ease-of-use without wires and without any compromises on results. Once athletes discover the incredible benefits of resting recovery, there's no going back to compromised workouts due to swelling or muscle pain.