About the Leopard Claw Massage Tool

We designed a simple tool for self mobilization that performs multiple functions in the technique called Gua Sha or more commonly know as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). This technique started more than 1500 years ago in China and was performed by using horns, bones or even coins. The technique was used by ordinary people to increase blood flow and to promote healing.

Our tool is made with a medical grade stainless steel. It's features include raised leopard spots to help provide a good grip in the treatment hand while scraping. The tool was designed to be used on all edges. First the scanning edge -the convex edge is used to scan over the tissues and used to detect abnormalities in the tissue. Once they are discovered -increase the frequency of the scraping above and below the point of restriction to desensitize the tissues. Then more pressure can be used to affect the deeper layers of tissue. The concave side of the tool can be used to increase surface area of the tissues being treated. The end on both sides of the claw are used for scraping smaller areas but also to use with scraping across the muscle fibres or against the grain. The length of the tool makes it easy to grip in both hands when scraping larger muscle groups.

It is recommended to use an emollient on the skin to provide a smooth glide of the tool across the skin. For this purpose we have been utilizing a water soluble product that helps neutralize your skin's pH by preventing bacterial growth. This helps promote healthy skin and has been shown to help prevent muscle soreness. It also has zero clean up when you are done scraping.

The goal of having your own scraping tool is to have more frequent sessions of maintenance. It's pretty common that some practitioners over apply IASTM to their patients. It is recommend that as soon as you cause the little red spots called petechiae to erupt that you discontinue scraping that area. There is no need to cause visual bruising because that will require the body to clear the damaged tissue -like what is caused with over cupping.